Altador Cup II


No game of Yooyuball would be complete without the contribution of everyone's favourite super-fan, a Techo whose level of devotion to the sport is so visibly intense, he has been known to single-handedly rouse every Neopian in the Colosseum. In Make Some Noise, you must spur this Altador Cup fanatic (he doesn't need much to get going...) to rise to the occasion, and bring the whole crowd into the game. Pay attention to the sound meter, and use your keyboard keys to make some noise!

Support your Yooyuball squad by belting out the loudest, longest yell you possibly can.

The Techo super-fan is at it again – cheering as hard as he can for his favourite team and generally being very loud. Help Neopia's most famous Yooyuball enthusiast give the sound meter a workout by tapping the two keys specified at the beginning of the game as fast as you can.

Your contribution to your team's standings depends upon how well you play Make Some Noise, with the calculation being based on the score you send for each game you play. The better your score, the more Make Some Noise points will be added to your team's daily score.