Altador Cup Introduces New Structure (25 May 2012)


The Altador Cup's almost here, and everyone's buzzing about the tourney's new structure: gone is the Double Round Robin of years past, replaced by four six-day rounds. At the start of Round One, teams will randomly go in one of three divisions, and at round's end they'll get points based on how they did against their division. For Round Two, the groupings will be redrawn and the points on the line will go up, making each new round more valuable (and, hopefully, leading to an epic finish).



Altador Cup's Round One Takes Shape (5 Jun 2012)


The brackets for Round One of this year's tourney are out and play is underway. In the Alabriss bracket, the frontrunners seem to be Kreludor, Meridell, and Tyrannia, who finished 3rd, 5th, and 6th last year. It's anyone's game in the Minitheus bracket, as the six teams finished between 8th and 14th at Altador Cup VI. Lastly, there's the Vaeolus bracket, where three of last year's top four squads (Virtupets, Krawk Island, and Maraqua) are squaring off. Who'll have the lead when Round Two begins?



Altador Cup VII Full Of Surprises (20 Jun 2012)


As Altador Cup VII hits the midway point, it's time to look at a few of the surprises (and letdowns) of this year's tourney. The biggest surprise has been Mystery Island, who've gone from 14th last year to now being in a 1st place tie. Also off to a stunning start is Kiko Lake, who's jumped from 16th to 6th. On the other hand, Terror Mountain (8th overall last year) is now 14th, while Maraqua and Tyrannia have also failed to meet expectations. With two rounds left, who knows what'll happen?



Meridell, Mystery Island Battle For 2nd Place (26 Jun 2012)


This year's Altador Cup champion has been determined, with Kreludor coming in first. The tourney isn't quite over, though, as Meridell and Mystery Island finished Round Four in a tie, with 75 points each. Therefore, they'll now face off in a one-day playoff to determine who finishes 2nd and who comes in 3rd. Those from other teams need not idly sit by, however; additional NP and rankings can still be earned via practice matches, so take advantage before the Altador Cup is gone for the year!



Kreludor Takes The Cup! (27 Jun 2012)


After 25 excruciating days, the Altador Cup has finally come to a close. Yooyuballs are resting while points have been counted and Kreludor has reigned victorious! Following closely behind in second place is Mystery Island and Meridell in third place.